Upper Klamath Lake (photo credit: DeAgostini/Getty Images)

The Klamath Basin Fisheries Collaborative (KBFC) grew from the energy and interest of partners in monitoring and evaluating Klamath River Basin restoration efforts. This interest expanded to integrate and support work in the lower, middle, and upper basins and across multiple temporal scales. The KBFC is replacing the 2017 Klamath River Basin (KRB) PIT Tagging Database with a new standardized and structured database system. The upcoming database will enable efficient data sharing among many entities to assess the impacts of water and fisheries management, ecosystem restoration efforts, and impending dam removal on multiple fish species in the Klamath Basin.

KBFC Database

  • Provides transparent PIT tag data and associated metadata within the Klamath River Basin.
  • Accessible to authorized monitoring, management, and research entities and individuals.
  • Supports web-based and RESTful API data exchange, web-based query tools, and facilitates data submittal from electronic capture applications.

KBFC Goals

  • Foster information sharing and coordination among data collection entities working across the Basin—Tribes, non-governmental organizations, federal and state agencies, the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, and academic institutions.
  • Grow a network of collaborators and build capacity to monitor other basin species.
  • Advance research to inform fisheries management and restoration actions.